Harvest Moon Gardens

Welcome to the 2016 growing season!

About Us

Rick and Paula at the market

At Harvest Moon Gardens, LLC, our focus is on providing local people with freshly harvested, clean produce. We have a small orchard and vineyard with a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Our greenhouse offers an extended growing season. You will live better if fresh, quality, flavor-filled produce is available. We use organic practices as the first step towards quality produce. Each step of harvest and post-harvest follows a food safety plan, keeping maximum quality until our produce reaches its final destination.

Rick Villwock

Rick has been a knowledgeable and experienced grower for decades. With the gift of generations of experience, it is also a shared passion. If it has a chance to grow in the central Wisconsin zones, most likely Rick can grow it.

Paula Villwock

Paula enjoys finding varieties of herbs and produce that will make your meals come alive and offer some great health benefits as well. She takes an active part in expanding the growing season. Eat better, earlier, and longer this year.